Collect Payments with the PayMe for Business App

For PayMe users, paying your business is now just as easy as paying their friends! Sign up today and start accepting payments from more than 3 million PayMe customers.

How to get paid with PayMe for Business

Using PayCodes online and offline

PayCodes can be used anywhere customers can scan them - from online and social media stores to invoices, in-store and pop-up events, all your customers need to do is scan your PayCode to pay.

Send a PayLink

PayLinks offer a simple, safe way to collect remote payments. Perfect for taking payments via WhatsApp, SMS, or email - send your customer a PayLink and they just tap to pay!

Easy access to your money

  • Transfer out your funds whenever suits you, at no additional cost
  • No minimum transfer amount to help you manage your cash flow
  • Set up an automatic transfer to your bank account at a time and frequency that's best for you
  • A standard fee of 1.2% for PayMe for Business app transactions, and 1.5% for PayMe API (e.g. through your integrated website or mobile apps), or point-of-sale terminal transactions

Collect payments with multiple devices

Whether you're in store, online or on the go, PayMe for Business now allows you to activate additional terminals so you can collect payments across multiple devices.

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