Collect payments with PayMe on your website or app

Ready to accept payments from PayMe's 3 million users? Our online payment solutions can help you get paid quickly and securely. We're currently working with selected partners but we'll be opening up the service as we grow.

If you can't wait to start collecting payments from PayMe users, contact our platform partners listed below.

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Connect with engaged PayMe users

Collect online payments from over 3 million Hong Kong customers - instantly, anywhere, anytime.

Easy to implement

PayMe comes pre-integrated with many e-Commerce platforms. Got your own website or app? Direct integration is super simple too.

Great PayMe user experience

Get the PayMe user experience your customers know and love on your website or app.

Need a platform with PayMe built in?

If you need help with your integration or a quick way to start accepting payments, PayMe comes pre-integrated with many popular platforms. Perfect for smaller merchants looking for an out-of-the-box solution without the technical demands of full integration.

Checkout with PayMe for desktop

  1. Customers simply select PayMe as their payment option
  2. PayCode is generated for them to scan and pay with PayMe
  3. Customer gets confirmation on your site - payment made!

The power of PayMe in your app

  1. As with desktop, customers select PayMe as their payment option
  2. They're switched from your app to PayMe to confirm payment
  3. Customer gets confirmation on your app - payment made!

PayMe integration in action

Popular Hong Kong online stores such as HKTVmall and YOHO are already using PayMe as a payment getaway. This solution suits larger, high-volume merchants looking to integrate PayMe into their existing e-commerce website.