PayMe for point-of-sale

PayMe for point-of-sale (POS) provides a scalable platform that works either as a standalone solution or integrates easily into existing infrastructure. Enabling you to accept PayMe alongside other existing payment collection options, paying in-store is now easier than ever. Just let us know if you'd like someone to get in touch for details.

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Standalone point-of-sale terminal

  • Dedicated device that supports payments made via merchant-presented QR, alongside refunds and transaction summary

  • Print transaction receipts from the terminal

  • Only one terminal required to support PayMe and other types of payment collection*

*Subject to the point-of-sale terminal provider selected by the merchant

Download POS quick start user guide [PDF, 2Mb]

Accept payments

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Perform refund

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Print daily report

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Integrated point-of-sale terminal

  • Integrates smoothly with your existing electronic cash register to accept PayMe via merchant-presented QR

  • No manual key-in to reduce human errors and streamline the payment process

Integrated cash register

  • Fast, easy checkout with consumer-presented QR

  • Simplify the payment process for small-value, high-volume transactions

  • No additional infrastructure required for you already using POS systems that support consumer-presented QR

Self-service checkout

  • PayMe for POS can be extended to self-service checkouts or other proprietary payment devices

  • Customise your POS solutions to cater for different checkout experiences and business needs